Welcome to my website.  Photography has been a long-standing hobby/obsession of mine.  I blame my father for first putting an old Konica with a hand-held light meter in my hands when I was twelve.  Although I have attended a few courses over the years, I am almost entirely self-taught: books, magazines, websites, instructional videos, Youtube, randomly pushing buttons on Photoshop - you get the idea.  The point being, the information is all out there if you are willing to learn. What I love about photography is what I love about my profession (dentistry); it is the blending of the technical and the artistic - it massages both sides of my brain!

  As you sift through my seemingly disparate collection of images - taken in different locations, sometimes trying to capture specific moods, sometimes not, sometimes influenced by the work of others and sometimes not; driven by purpose, passion, and a healthy dose of good fortune - you may wonder, "What has been my inspiration?  What is the common thread that unites them?"  When you distill it to it's essence, it is the light.  I am a watcher of light.

My photographs are a testament to not only what I have seen, but how  I have seen.  Put simply, the true art of photography is about seeing.  The camera is merely the instrument for conveying unto others how one views the world.  As such, a collection of photos provides a window into the mind of the artist.

Welcome to my mind.

Graham Hill is a dentist and photo enthusiast residing in Kelowna, BC, Canada.  He is passionate about his work and  his photography.  When not photographing teeth, he specializes in landscape and travel photography. 

View his dental website here: Reflections Dental Centre